Dogs are said to be the best friends of people. That is why we have decided to give them a some kind of tribute. We have created something that reminds you about your own friend. We know that sometimes you would like to have your best friend near you but it is not possible. We break this stereotype and give you an opportunity to smile when you look on yours pet effigy!

In our shop you will find anything you like including:
- keyrings
- pins
- cliprings
- necklaces
- statues on wooden or marble base
- hanging statues
- door's knockers or lamps
- 1:1 statues
- pet supplies including beds or leashes and much more!

Items are made of different kinds of materials as: cold cast bronze, marble, gold, silver, resin, ZnAl etc.

Just take a look!

We care about our customers so do not be afraid of us, just write and make an agreement. We like to cooperate and make trades where both sides are satisfied!

Please, visit our shop and give us a chance to make you happy :)!

Basic pieces of information about company:

23A Network Business Centre
329-339 Putney Bridge Road
SW15 2PQ London
Company Number: 08287417

Message from the owner:

I am a producer and I have a few helpers. My day's order looks as follows: in the morning we send the orders, then I go to university because I'm taking a doctor's degree . In my spare time I deal with the production of things which I exhibit on Etsach. I am also computer scientist, and it is my main occupation
Yes, I hire an employee. My father is my employee . We manufacture these products together. My dad is very helpful to me because he has a great manual dexterity.
We are located in a town of Zary (city in Poland)

A process of creation many things in my shop, escpecially keyrings and necklaces:
- Together with the artist we prepare the model of the dog breed, on the basis of which it is reproduced
- Next we produce a rubber mold which allows us to cast larger quantities of items
- Then we warm up the machine melting the metal to take these items
- Casting items (using a centrifuge)
- Semi-finished products are grinded, polished and sent to a jeweler to cover our products with silver etc.
- After returning the product from a jeweler we enter the final touches
- Necklaces we do with the straps, its production involves sticking the relevant parts until getting a finial product
Just wrie to us to see pictures and gain moe specific pieces of information!

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